Right in time for 2017, we are proud to announce the newest addition to the WORK Meister series, the Meister L1 3P! The WORK Meister L1 3P is a three piece construction wheel. Standard center disk finishes include Matted Silver (MSL) & Matte Gunmetal (MGM). Sizing comes in 18″ & 19″, with widths from 7.0″ up to 16.0″ wide.

The WORK Meister L1 3P uses a Step Rim Barrel, which comes standard with a shiny anodized polished finish. Due to its three piece construction and large width range, there are many customizable combinations for various vehicles. Wheels are custom built to order in Japan and have varying levels of brake clearance for many different models.

Please see below for various images of vehicles equipped with the Meister L1 3P.

To view more photos of the Meister L1 3P, please click here: WORK Meister L1 3P Photos – WORK Wheels USA