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Ever feel like this when you want to buy new wheels: “I want to make my wheels look awesome! But, which wheels should I choose…?” It can become quite complex when it comes to choosing the right wheels for your vehicle, while also trying to keep up with the new trends. Taking these things into consideration, we encompassed a wheel specs
chart helper and pointers to assist in directing you to the best wheels for your vehicle. Dress up your vehicle with the best wheel matches using the reference guides provided.

Part Names

(P.C.D) The circle diameter of the radius of the center
of the wheel nuts and center of the wheel.

Inch-Up Wheel Sizing

Rim Construction

Wheel Body Construction


Barrel and disc constructed as a unit. Usually referred to as European monoblock construction.


The disc and barrel is molded together creating a 1-piece wheel unit. Thus, it is able to keep long-lasting rigidity. The 1-piece wheel is also simple and easy to manufacture, making it a cost efficient product for both manufacturers and consumers.


Barrel and disc are molded and constructed separately. The new method of jointing parts of the 2-piece wheel together is through welding.


The offset can be specially altered millimeter by millimeter to your ideal position of the disc face.


A 3 layered unit, consisting of the disc centering the outer barrel and inner barrel held together with pierce bolts.


Outer barrel, inner barrel, and disc face is constructed with different materials and manufacturing processes, giving it flexibility and excellence in its functions and designs.